We all want a Google-ish desktop in our company don’t we? So why doesn’t it just happen?

I believe we can create and build better, smarter, more social solutions with technology already at our disposal. Unfortunately, it never “just happens”. The future of information is not more of the same but a change in perspective. It holds a more organic approach to business and IT where social, behavior and human psychology meet up with technical, IT driven solutions. Information systems will be designed to move with a changing world instead of struggling against it.

I believe we can already do this with current technology while still keeping up with Compliance and Security demands. We can do this by re-thinking the way we design solutions to include human behavior and human psychology. This extends beyond pure system design. It is designing your business along with your IT and breaking down the walls. Not an easy task, I know. Change never is. But let’s be honest: we all need to be inspired to want to change. And that includes that Google-ish desktop.

Photo of Marleen Nederlof

My focus is on Microsoft products and Cloud solutions because a geek’s got to live. However, the concepts I work on are platform independent. They can be achieved in any product or technology with taxonomy, folksonomy and a customizable search engine. This blog aspires to be nothing but a place for me to vent and explore. The context will be anything related to creating these information systems I dream about, sprinkled with a dusting of practical work related stuff. 🙂 Be sure to let me know what you think!

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So… What’s with the Duck?

Ducky has been along for both my corporate and my private endeavours. I started taking him along on travels somewhere in 2007 and amazingly enough he’s been breaking down barriers in every country I’ve been. Be it Asian, Muslim or Western nations, he gets the same happy response everywhere he goes (of course it may also be the sight of me crawling around on the floor to get the optimal shot that does the trick, who knows).

He brings out your creative side no matter your gender, race or culture. You could say he is both my inspiration and my reminder that we all need to laugh and have fun while we’re doing wat we need to do. Change is scary… unless it’s fun.